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European Auto Service Shop expertise will get your ride back to factory specs or better. Contact for more information.

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preventive maintenance

Whatever you drive if it lacks maintenance that can lead to lack of performance and as a result to worse gas mileage.


European Auto Service Shop services, maintains, repairs, restores and performs installations of accessories to all vehicles.

high performance

High Performance is the next level to separate yourself from the crowd and achieve better fuel economy or better handling, power and reliability.

our expertise

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quick delivery

Rest assured that your vehicle is in the best hands to be taken care of and service it or repair it as fast as possible. Of course it all depends on parts availability.


Your vehicle is always inspected for safety first to ensure the best drive-ability possible so you are safe on any road and any driving conditions, we recommend that you take into consideration tires quality and any related chassis components in addition to engine performance when deciding on the dollar amount to spend. Safety is first.


Many aftermarket parts or components are often of lower quality and performance that compromises reliability, that is why we prefer to use OE and OEM quality even if the cost is higher. in the end it is a money saver as you get more life out of you vehicle. we dedicate the aftermarket to components that are of add on such as running boards for a pickup truck or window tints for example, since these don't compromise vehicle performance.

How are we different

At European Auto Service Shop all vehicles are treated as if they where to enter an endurance race thus ensuring the reliability of it and a piece of mind for both you and us. We pride ourselves on the work we do and that is why we will go that extra mile to exceed your expectations. With that said of course that from time to time all shops will encounter a less than satisfied customer and that is one more reason for us to work hard so we minimize the chance of that happening to our customers.

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